SimSimi is a ‘chatbot' that allows you to talk to people from all over the world anonymously. Which is problematic (especially given the hue and cry about criminal behavior that prefaces the "teaching" segment of its service), but then there's the flip side: What possesses people to teach a bot vile, violent messages? Here are five of the most in… Read More

The head gasket is found between the engine block and the cylinder head or heads in a V-type engine. At the time of this writing, I have categorized some heads as super heads.” The reason is that they are a definite step up in terms of flow, and you need to know about them if you're building a large-displacement short-block of 550 inches or more.… Read More

Some leaks are caused by shingles, but you should check your roof's foundation. Water can leak into your home through dry-rotted siding. Look to every area that could be an entry point,including any area with rotted wood, so that you can fix the problem for good.While it may sound backwards, one of the best times to find a leak is when it's complet… Read More

Hanwha has accumulated experience and expertise in the realms of ammunition and guided weapons for decades. South Korea's defence electronics firm Hanwha Systems is making its entry into India's defence aerospace segment by joining hands with Samtel Avionics for manufacturing high-technology products for avionics and military applications under Mak… Read More

Unfortunately, as with other genres of popular literature such as science fiction, comic books were often considered unworthy of addition to research library collections. This work, a list of the comic books, graphic novels, and other products that should be available at your local or online comic book shop next week, is licensed under the Creative… Read More