Getting My crystal gem theory To Work

Just letting everybody know, I LOVE all the Characters in SU and have no hatred towards any of them. A more balance character os Steven's father Greg. Had it been Amethyst insisting they go after the gem beasts even after it was getting cold and they were running out of leads instead of running back to Pearl, how would that have been interpreted? The main difference is that aliens invaded the Earth long ago and had some sort of epic battle which resulted in the Crystal Gems staying behind to protect the world.

Garnet is the cool and level headed of the Gems. The drive behind "Steven Universe's" emotional force is Sugar's desire to recognize and validate the often unspoken feelings experienced by people in the real world. Bismuth gave Pearl her spear, so her swords predate Bismuth joining the Crystal Gems.

Yes, it's time for yet another Steven Universe megapost. Contrary to her venomous braggadocio, Pearl exhibits straight-up melancholy watching Rose spin Greg on his impromptu dancefloor. At a point during their adventure, the Gems are separated from Steven. Steven Universe is created by Rebecca Sugar, making it Cartoon Network's first show solely created by a woman The cast, both in the show and behind the scenes is filled with people of color, and especially women of color.

She loves Steven as Steven, not just as an extension of Rose, but she can't help but want him to remember being Rose. His mother, Rose Quartz, gave up her physical form so he could be born, and he's been living with the Crystal Gems ever since (though his father, Greg, is very much a supportive presence).

The characters who contain the greatest balance of traits, like Steven, seem to be the happiest. There's never been anything or anyone like Steven.”) By the time Rose and Greg fell in love, the gem war had been won thousands of years prior. With this I mean, a part of the conscience of the fusion gem lingers in the mind of the component gems.

Each of them are positive role models for Steven, and in the case of Garnet, Steven universe explained who is a fusion of two gems named Sapphire and Ruby, a constant and consistent example of a loving, romantic relationship between two female characters. Connie is a die hard nerd — we saw it with her love for fiction, especially the book The Spirit Morph Saga She has the whole series and introduces Steven to it as well.

Stevonnie's adventure is an analogy of adolescence, complete with the sexual fumblings and experimenting there in. When they run to show the Gems, Garnet tells Stevonnie this fusion is an experience, and it's up to them (Connie and Steven) to make it a good experience.

(For instance, in The Test, Garnet says, Steven is not just a Gem. Even as the action builds, though, Steven Universe never disappoints with its introspective on all the characters that they've lovingly created. Personally, I think Steven can, since regeneration is shown to be the physical form turning back into light, which is basically what fusion is, and Steven can do that despite his human body.

A recent episode revealed that one of the recurring characters had a big crush on Garnet and thought she was incredibly beautiful. They have a combination of Connie and Steven's personalities and the strength of character and bravery of both of the children.

The character bonds and relationships grow as both the past and future are revealed one episode at a time. Amethyst has been seen eating on multiple occasions, Garnet has been shown drinking, it has been suggested Pearl enjoys tea and all the gems have shown to have saliva.

I'm looking forward to learning more about her relationship with Steven's mother as the show goes on, but more than anything I'm just looking forward to more stuff like Space Race, where she spends the entire episode being an adorable science mom. When that happens, I'll leave a trail of lyrics everywhere, scrawled out on concept drawings for other episodes I'm working on at the time, or on notepads, Post-its, sketchbooks, whatever's near me when I think of something.

This is a Fantastic Show, with Fantastic varying characters, and a mysterious back-story that will keep you interested even more, as you follow along on Stevens Journey. And Greg here says that he abd Amethyst and he used to watch Lil Butler all the time when Steven was a kid, meaning when Rose left.

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